Falafel ------------------ $5

Sujok -------------------- $6


Beef, BBQ tomato, Onion & Tahini-- $6

Chicken, BBQ tomato, Signiture garlic sauce & Tahini -- $6

Beef/Chicken/Pork/Ground Beef, Fresh Tomato & Onion-- $6

Lamb, Fresh Tomato & Onion-- $6.00

Any extra topping per sandwich, $0.5 each

Extra topping includes: Baba Ghanouge, Hummus & Tabuleh

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Group Reservations

Armenian Kitchen provides the perfect place for large groups.
Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, first communion, staff party, or just an excuse to bring friends together. We offer packaged quotation that may include promotional offers, To book your party call 416-757-7722 or e-mail