Chicken Shawarma -- $15.00

Beef Shawarma ------ $15.00

Beef / Chicken Shawarma Mix (Part Size) ------- $20.00

One Skewer Main Course

Shish Kabob of your choice -- $8.50

Two Skewer Main Course

New York Steak (6 oz) -- $16.00

Pork Shish Kabob -- $13.00

Ground Beef Kabob -- $15.00

Beef Shish Kabob -- $15.00

Chicken Shish Kabob - $15.00

Lamb Shish Kabob - $15.00


Six pieces Falafel Dinner -- $15.00

Combination Platters

Vegetable Combo Plate -- $15.00

Vegetable Combo Plate with Meat -- $15.00

Main Course...

Before your main course arrives,
you will notice the busy cook from the sparsely decorated dining room watching the sliced off hunk of meat rotating on large skewers in the kitchen, everything is homemade and the menu is a generic list of Middle Eastern dishes including fast-food joints. We thank our customers and we look forward to serving them better.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Group Reservations

Armenian Kitchen provides the perfect place for large groups.
Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, first communion, staff party, or just an excuse to bring friends together. We offer packaged quotation that may include promotional offers, To book your party call 416-757-7722 or e-mail